On Wait, Did People Really Think 'The Artist' Was a Good Movie?

Multiple really extreme and pitiful suicide attempts = fun for the whole family!

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On What Movies Make You Ignore Everything Else?

Any thing where Tommy Lee Jones plays a villain / antagonist - Under Siege, The Fugitive (YOU FIND THIS MAN!), Blown Away, etc. Relish these performances.

Lethal Weapon films - MURTAUGH

Batman Begins - the pacing sucks you in. The one liner ridden script helps a lot too - TASTE OF YOUR OWN MEDICINE, *DOCTOR*?

On the same Lethal Weapon note, any Shane Black scripted movie, particular the Last Boy Scout.

Mission Impossible 3 - monotone hoffman.

All the Ocean films draw me in despite the last two being hacked together because of Soderbergh's quirky direction. Always new things to find.

Miller's Crossing - because it is Miller's Crossing.

Sidney Lumet films - Dog Day Afternoon in particular, but all of them I try to stop and watch every time.

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