On Drinking While Pregnant

@laloca03 Relevant.

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On The Cannibal Who Loved Me: Hannibal And Clarice's Fanfiction Romance

Sigh, okay, not to come off as some kind of psycho, but... isn't Hannibal supposed to be sexy? He's a master manipulator of people, so he can pretty much twist anyone to his will (e.g. Starling falling for him). Maybe I'm a weirdo... I had a crush on Snape through all the Harry Potters too.

Huh, maybe I'm just hot for the exceptionally intelligent (in the face even of them being psychopaths/morally ambiguous)?

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On How To Write The Great American Novel

@Amanda Burgess@twitter and Shanna Right?! I got it as a gift, but I requested it. The author's representation of the boy was maddening! I'm interested in the terrible extremes that humans go to, which is why I was interested in it in the first place... sadly all there was was an annoying POV and forced "shocking" revelations (he still breastfeeds! He's sucking on a tooth!).


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On How To Write The Great American Novel

Yes, to almost everything... in terms of child POV, who else couldn't stand Room??

Also, I am aware it's humor, but as a die-hard Potter-ite I will defend Harry Potter to the death! Rowling made Harry kind of an average bore because... well that's the point, right? He's just this normal kid, who gets caught up in an amazing world. He's ordinary, which means he needs extraordinary people like Hermione to help him, and to motivate him to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Also, it makes it really easy to insert yourself into Harry. He's a blank slate, so, for example, when a twelve year old girl's mother suffers a major brain trauma, it's not Harry who gets that Hogwarts letter, it's her.

...motivating her to write obsessive comments that probably take anything to do with HP too seriously.

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On 'The Hunger Games': Bloodless, Sexless and Not Very Hungry

@Andrea Karim@facebook Yes, I believe the dog-monsters were made from reconstituted genetic material from the other kids (science!), and that Katniss can tell because their eyes are the same... eh.

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On What Movies Make You Ignore Everything Else?

@F.F. Woodycooks Boo, you whore.

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