On Solange, "Losing You"

Oh Dave Bry! Thank you for posting this, for coming (unwittingly and yet with perfect timing as always) to my rescue at the end of an eleven-day work week, on a misty rainy NYC evening that has just done a 180. All thanks to a bracing shot of Solange, and the delight of a video I never would've watched if you hadn't stuck it on The Awl.

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On You Are Not a Curator, You Are Actually Just a Filthy Blogger

@gregorg Nailed it.

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On When "Trigger Warning" Lost All Its Meaning

@My Number Is My Address Some people think everyone else should look after them. I think.

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On The Coming Real Estate Disaster for White-People Brooklyn

@My Number Is My Address There are not enough thumbs in the world to express my admiration for this comment.

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On Obama Still Hates Gay Marriage, No Matter What You Want to Think

@La Cieca aaaaand OH LOOK WHAT HE JUST DID. Sigh. You're right, and he did it anyway, and let's all hope we (The People) are grown-up enough to be, well, grown-up about it when it comes to casting our votes. (Which desperate wish is probably as quixotic as Obama coming out front and center in the first place. Double sigh, but triple bravo.)

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On How To Make Bogman's Weedseed Gruel (Without Being A Bogman)

(may cause photosensitivity)
(potentially poisonous)
(may cause blistering of the skin)
(may cause rashes)

Oh poor bogman. Pass me an elephantburger.

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On A Poem By Sherman Alexie


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On Man Bad

Am I the only person who finds this superweird? "Not fit"? How? Because he got away with these tactics for years (not exactly unaided by those in power looking pointedly elsewhere and whistling nonchalantly), and built a multibillion dollar international business by Being Rupert Murdoch, and of all the things they could have labelled him with, "not fit" seems to be so wide of the mark. He has proved he is very fit indeed to run News International. He just got busted, is all.

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On What Does Elephant Taste Like?

Raynor Ganan on The Awl? Whoa nelly.

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