On Creepy New Orleans Ghost Stories That Were A Lot Scarier At The Time

I admit that New Orleans gave me chills and it wasn't all the usual factors (drunks, voodoo stories, weird yelling guy, abandoned houses). I've had a few experiences over the years (close encounters of the Ghostly kind)but NO had a lot going on. The winner of the creepiest of the South was Mobile, Alabama. Dunno what was going on there but I did not want to stick around too long.

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On Twenty-Seven

I have noticed that majority of the heroines in chick lit novels are also 27. 27 was the worst year of my life to date. It's supposedly the start of your Saturn return. My life got infinitely better at 30, at 32 it's gone to shit again so I'm hoping that 33 is going to be brilliant.

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On Women: Always Gabbing About Dating, Updating Facebook

smells like Girl Talk Jenga

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On Yes, Let's Let the Rich People Go Space-Mining, It'll End Well for Everyone

@Setec Astrology A most excellent idea. They just might blow themselves up, and we use all the money to offset the worldwide debt. errrr...That's how it goes right?

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