On Ask Polly: Should I Drop Out Of College?

I strongly identified with #1, but that was all 4 years ago for me and I managed to struggle through without dropping out. Even on the other side of it, "do your work" is STILL an unsatisfying, bullshit answer to me, and a lot of days I wish someone had told me to cut my losses and leave grad school in the dust. Then again, I should probably be seeing a counselor about my inability to let go of my post-school bitterness, so I'll shut up and sit down now.

Posted on January 24, 2013 at 6:55 pm 0

On "The best sheep's intestines come from Iran"

It's been a decade at least, but those wursts really are the best. Sheep-gut-prices be damned, it's worth it.

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On The Scourge Of Pour-Over Coffee

On the one hand, I do like the taste of pour-over compared to drip coffee. On the other hand, I make it at home because I was too cheap to buy a coffee maker. Every person I know who works in a coffeeshop dreads making the stuff because it's too time consuming for get-in get-out customers. It should really only be offered in restaurants or places where you can expect to wait a while.

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