On Will Snor'eastercane Sandy Destroy NYC? This Weatherdude Says "OMG YES"

His tweet left out the best part of that NOAA/NWS/HPC forecast, though: "Once the combined gyre materializes, it should settle back toward the interior northeast through Halloween, inviting perhaps a ghoulish nickname for the cyclone along the lines of "Frankenstorm", an allusion to Mary Shelley's gothic creature of synthesized elements."

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On And Now a Word from the North Korea Tourism Department

@Gef the Talking Mongoose Counter-counterpoint: http://www.paragkhanna.com/?p=111

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On The Scourge Of Pour-Over Coffee

@bocadelperro I had a similarly confused reaction when I read GQ's "Seattle's Got Nothing On Brooklyn" sidebar a month or so ago, which relied on the argument that "true coffee geeks have to stop by Williamsburg's Blue Bottle."

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