On Kreayshawn, "Gucci Gucci"

Stealth filming at the Prada store

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On 13 Things to Do This Weekend

Keywords: Shalom, belt dress, paint gun

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On Reporter Blames Flub On Fake Headache

It's a reassuring read when you're in a Maxalt haze!

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On ChicLeaks: The Wikileaks Fashion Cables

"It’s rumored he has spent the past two years in a Diet Coke-fueled delirium"
Rumor has it he switched to Coke Zero

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On Penis-Haver Underestimates How Much Chicks Like To Buy Stuff

Take consolation that Martha Plimpton agrees with you: "It's always a journey into the Heart of Darkness, going in there, with a long line of hysterical Upper West Siders tearing at their clothes and smearing themselves with their own feces. "

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On A Long Time Ago There Was A Show Called "Twin Peaks"

Or the whole thing is awesome, 2nd season dead man in chess piece Leo Johnson tarantulas included and you dutifully pull out your box set and have a marathon + hot toddy's every year when it starts to get cold!

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On See? You Do So Put the Yogurt "Up There"

But only for eating!

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On See? You Do So Put the Yogurt "Up There"

The one with the chunks of ginger (runs to local hippie market with $4)

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On Evan Dando And Juliana Hatfield, "My Drug Buddy" (Remastered)

18 years ago I was 14 and completely convinced that I was going to marry Evan Dando

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On Your Local Gym Is A Lot Like A Guano-Filled Batcave

Solution: Diflucan in a mosquito-flavored pill pocket.

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