On Trawling V. Trolling

@brilliantmistake I know this was from yesterday which is, like, 27 years ago internet time. HOWEVER. As a commercial salmon troller I love this and will heartily shout this over the vhf radio this summer.

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On Sarah Palin Book, TV Show, Not Sighted In Correctly

While I can't stand Sarah Palin for all the normal reasons, this whole fake hunter thing really gets under my skin. I really enjoy take downs of her totally absent skills.

Nearly everybody hunts in Alaska. All the liberal people in my extremely liberal (for Alaska) town hunt. It is so not a big deal. Also, anybody who is a meat hunter already has a .300-ish rifle that is suitable for the big 3 (Deer, Moose, Caribou). No gun shop advice needed.

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On Will The Cosmos Inexplicably Decide To Give Us Another Planet To Ruin?

Once we find it, will Antonio Sabato Jr. and Rebecca Gayheart be on the first shuttle?

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On The Secret, Dreamy Peach Grove of New York City

Northern California it's anything from olives to stone fruits. I hate going home and seeing the stucco monstrosities sitting where orchards used to grow.

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On The Secret, Dreamy Peach Grove of New York City

San Jose has a small orchard that produces an insane array of stone fruit in the middle of several awful housing developments. I found it last time I was home. It felt like an archeological discovery.

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On Meet Your Vegetables: Radish Chips

Yay radishes! Also radish pickles and radish slaw served with grilled meats.

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On Real America: The Gunmen Among Us

formerly--in Alaska people use handguns to shoot large halibut in the head before hauling them into their boat and for bear protection. I don't have one for the safety reasons you listed but I know plenty who do.

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On Real America: The Gunmen Among Us

I'm thinking about the accessory possibilities. Get your concealed weapon fanny pack here. http://mygunpurses.com/default.aspx?gclid=CISoxo_ki6ACFQTAsgodZVM3eQ

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On All That And A Bag of MEAT CHIPS

So, pretty much extrude-a-food carne seca?

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On The End of the 00s: The Decade In "Netflix Instant Watch," by Alex Pareene

This movie is so great. Sinister George Wendt is terrific.

Also, angst-y saxophone playing by the DQ is my very favorite.

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