On My Three-Month Facebook Dialogue With A Scammer From Malaysia Pretending To Be A Beautiful Woman

@ Teddy Wayne. Well done and a nice one that.

I Ihad one of those Nigerian Scams. 'send me $ 200 by Western Union and I'll send you your Oceanic Bank Card charged with $20,000'

I used the same false surname that Mossad used for one of their agents that went to Saudia Arabia to murder someone in 2010 or 2011 as I had a copy of that passport that I found on the Internet. I said I was that man's nephew.

Had loads of emails from the man, sent him off to WU with false reference numbers which pissed him off. Then he asked for ID so I sent him that passport and gave my home address as that of the Police in Newcastle UK. Later I told him my uncle thought I was crazy and could he please delete the passport.

This went on for ages and my wife and I were often in hyterics with his efforts to get a measley few dollars.

So now hopefully he will have sold the passport to some other bad guys and the Mossad will be after him!

It's called Scamming the Scammers.

You can do it safely by setting up false emails on gmail or hotmail etc. And just play them along. I found that my story developed nicely as he got more heated up. He thought that he had a young guy hooked.

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On Angry Words: Let's Restore Honor To Online Scrabble

Hello Reeves,

Interesting post. Whilst I agree with you on the basic premise that you should (underline 'should') only play words that you can define, I would add OR KNOW ARE VALID. But as in WWF the rules allow or do not disallow certain things why not use the WWFs ability to try odd combinations of letters? If it is a level playing field I have no problem. You forget that Scrabble players like me, who have been playing for over 50 years now 'know' the very useful words like QUALE, ZA, QI, SUQ, QUODS etc. as we need to expand our normal dictionary in order to play the two games better. This does not mean that we are using word finders but that your vocabulary is not as Scrabble/WWF useful as mine.

Many serious Scrabble players who play in competition know by heart ALL the permissable 2-letter words, probably 99% of the three letter words and many other useful words that use the letters, of which one tile exists, namely K X Q Z and J.

There are some very good comments here that you should take into account. 'Different folks have different vocabularies.' 'I just found ZAX' ( I knew that words years ago!)

Perhaps the best comment is ' It's a spelling game not a definition game'

I know all the 2-letter words but would probably only get 50% of the definitions correct if challenged.

Finally the use of word finders/word cheats is NOT expressly prohibited by the rules of WWF probably because it is impossible to enforce. I feel that it is up to the individual to decide if he wants to 'win' on his own mertits or cheat. I do not see the point of winning that way.

You may like to visit my blog on WWF at wordswithfriends. Blogspot. Com. As I would like to copy your original post with credit of course there.

Henry Barnett UN henryb65 or facebook aitchb65

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