On Jack White Produces Insane Clown Posse Mozart Cover

@saythatscool Le nozze di Juggalo

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On How Sarah Palin Tortures the Bible

Thank you for bringing this up in advance. Let me just notify the rest of the counterculture and we'll start packing up. Takes so long just to get out of the house with these goofs!

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On The Beats: A Beatdown


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On Know Your Rights

"with peen akimbo"? His dick was out, sure, but that's not what akimbo means. Even if you're using it in the video game sense, it's still off; presumably he wasn't dual wielding. Hate to nitpick, but you got me all excited (...) about learning some new penis gesture.

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On Sympathy for the Bullies: Our New Villains

The Senior Center is a good place to find bullies. Seriously, those old ladies get mean as fuck. Infancy : incontinent senility :: middle school : assisted living (i.e., pre-nursing home facility)

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On Penis Pictures: Do They Really Work?

Don't Talk (Put My Head On Your Shoulder)

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On "8 Reasons to Date a White Man": Local Slideshow Amuses

Or a Dr. Dre song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m1Ecbeq514c

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On Gawker Media Now Bigger Than All Newspapers Online -- Except One

Gah, this was supposed to be in response to Cinetrix.

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On Gawker Media Now Bigger Than All Newspapers Online -- Except One

It sounds out of place, like he's picked up a few tips from "Being a Better Boss: Communication" seminars.

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On Dear Jen

I'm imagining a web series. The narrator could read these over 3D reenactments done by that Chinese TV station that did the Tiger Woods thing (in case you haven't seen it, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jV85rD0gfqo ).

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