On New York Experiences Weather


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On It Has Always Been Football Season

I didn't really care for that team and hated the Giants even more for making me root for them. Then I hated the Giants even more more for winning.

Still, of all things football I hate, I hate the Eagles the most and I took comfort then, as I do most every day, that they are still ringless.

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On The American Experiment on the Last Day of the War

Man this Obama dude is really gunning for the moderate vote isn't he? Jesus.

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On Monkey Proves To Be Bad Influence On Tiger


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On Five Memes That Are Mostly Just People Laughing at Working-Class African-Americans, in Order of Views

Don't forget Bad Mom Dances!


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On Did Will-I-Am Knock Down Anne Frank's Tree?

This might have a chilling effect on the long rumored Fergie/Neutral Milk Hotel collaboration.

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On 'Eat Pray Love' and 'I Am Love': Class Warfare

I just assume the critics are just angry that the movie expose how boring and shitty and shallow well-educated, literary people are. If you think about it that way, the movie does a pretty good job.

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On Cee-Lo, "F**k You"

My goodness.

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On The Bear Beat Is Not A Happy Place Today

Am I awful if I don't give a shit about these bears? Bears maim and kill. Do google image search of "bear attack" ... it's horrible horrible stuff. Some guy is enjoying a hot dog, taking in the majestic Yellowstone sunset and BAM, some bear caves in his face and proceeds to rip out his spinal cord.

All the bears of the world could be imprisoned and I wouldn't give a damn.

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On How To Cook A Bolognese Sauce


This is basically how I roll, but I don't do ground meat. I use chopped veal and pork necks. The pork neck falls off the bone and oozes fat. I've read a lot of people do it that way, but I dunno. No substitute for pancetta.

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