On Predator Drones Coming To Life

Aaaahhh! Cylon Raider!

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On Ducks!


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On Straight People Easily Shamed by Pharmacy Trips

I buy ADD meds all the time, no big whoop. But here's some good parental shame for you: the only US manufacturers of mebendazole just decided to stop making it. Low cost = low profit, so why bother? There is still a drug for pinworm on the market, but it's the over the counter one that I could only find in disgusting liquid formulation that most sane children will throw a tantrum rather than consume. Plus, I have to shout across the pharmacy counter, "Where's the pinworm medication?!" and then wander isle 4 trying to find it between the RID and the NIX. And that's after the email goes home to the whole school saying, "SOMEONE has pinworm people, please remind your children to wash your hands!" Shame! Deep shame!

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On The Evil Economics Of Judging Teachers

Plus there's good evidence that reward/punishment systems actually make people perform worse, which may be a partial explanation for why our schools continue to tank with No Child Left Behind.

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