On What If Scotland Divorced the UK?

The scots had no problems when their MP's were voting and seriously influencing matters at Westminster. Then they were part of the United Kingdom and were 'entitled' to participate. they were influencing issues that did not and never would affect them. David Cameron is their Prime Minister and will be until the referendum has taken place and the Scots decide to leave the United Kindom .. Or not
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On Make Easy Money with E-Book Publishing, Ask Me How

a realistic goal for "good" writers is a nice supplementary income, could even be a nice pension if you can write quite a few books. In my humble opinion, I think 99.9% of indie authors must spend more time on #1 -- the quality of so many is poor, and they even feel like first drafts. If people would spend more time learning to write and edit, they would make a lot more wage day advance.

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On One Google Books To Rule Them All?

The problem is, much like the "orphan works " thing they tried with illustration is it makes little attempt to actually FIND the copyright owner / creator. It assumes a lot of "I found it, fair use" which is total bollocks according to the Berne Convention, (which the US signed up to many years ago..) Nobody from the arts communities has any problem with libraries indexing old works for historical purposes, the problem is when some total cock steals your stuff to make money. If people stop paying for illustration, we'll stop doing it. It's that simple. Let's see your attempt at it. All your movies, games, comics, book covers, toys, wallpaper, sofas, dvd covers, they are all going to be ugly unless you pay artists a decent pounds wage.. Everything you own was designed by an artist. Look around you.

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