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On What It Feels Like to be Kanye West is What It Feels Like to be American

You're missing the point spectacularly.

The "little girl" is entirely alone, wandering the streets. She's shot in B&W, whereas the Kanye/Rhianna/Cudi parts are hyper-real color. It's to show that among the bombast of mom/dad drama, the kid is lost in the shuffle.

Posted on February 23, 2011 at 8:54 am 2

On Odd Future Raps With The Roots Last Night

Just like The Beatles on "Sullivan", except Odd Future isn't overrated.

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On What Do You Do if You're Tumblr and You Just Got $25 Million+?

It would be nice if they invested in some infrastructure.

"Heather Mills on a surfboard" is more stable than tumblr.

Posted on November 19, 2010 at 2:29 pm 3

On What Is It With Italians And Tacky Statues?

Don't you mean "what is it with Italians and egotism?"?

As an actual Italian, I can assure you that the "total and complete fascination with one's self" is the only thing "Jersey Shore" got right.

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On 15 Bands I Will Probably Not See At CMJ This Year, Based Solely On Their Names

I slept on Das Racist for six months strictly because of their name. (see also: Girl Talk)

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On How to Pick Up a Hipster Girl

"Hipster" girls are the best thing to happen to skinny, pretentious, heavily-bearded cycling enthusiasts. Ever.

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On Penis Pictures: Do They Really Work?

It's worked for me. *shrugs*

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On Police Procedural Explores Underreported Issue Of Alzheimer's Effect On The Serial Killing Community

Thanks to "Law & Order" and syndication, at any given time, a child is getting raped on American television.

I'm not a particularly sensitive person, but our collective, insatiable thirst for stories that revolve around "horrible things happening to innocent people" is embarrassing.

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On The Gold ATM Comes to America

I can't be the only person that hears MOP's "Ante Up" every time they see this article, right?

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On Kanye West Continues Being Supremely Awesome

There's no way the rampant homophobia of "Delirious" works with thirty ballerinas.

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