On "The Thetan Templar," A New Novel By Dan Brown

Tenured professors get a special elevator? And helicopters? Damn, I should have gone into academia.

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On Twenty-Seven

Holy shit, I've only got 26 days left to find myself and be free! The next few weeks'll really have to pull it out of the bag to make up for the crappy first 11 months.

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On Angela Lansbury Or Betty White?

Thinking of Mrs Lovett, Imelda Staunton is extraordinary in the production of Sweeney Todd currently on in London. Anybody around here, I highly recommend it!

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On 'The Secret Circle': Teen Witches In ZOMG Love

@Hollye. I'm actually looking at all of the Janie books on my bookcase now. 27, still got them!

The best of the Pike books were , IMHO, the Final Friends trilogy. The 3 books came in one volume, with blood red edging on the pages. My mum got slightly worried about what I was spending my pocket money on.

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