On Ask Polly: You Are Not Uniquely Fucked

@Lcanon not necessarily a question for you, but generally, how do you practice detachment without becoming disengaged?

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On Ask Polly: How to Be Nice

I think the LW might benefit by reading/listening to Brene Brown. I have The Power of Vulnerability (a lecture she gave, it isn't a book read by someone else) on my phone and I've listened to it probably 5 times. She researches shame and open-heartedness and the roadblocks we put up that get in the way of achieving open-heartedness. This description of her work makes it sound so cheesy and in no way does it justice, seriously, she's worth checking out.

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On Ask Polly: My Boyfriend Thinks I'm Ugly

@paddlepickle I really like this comment. It's happened to me too that I've fallen in love with guys that I know objectively aren't all that attractive, but who became the most attractive person in the world to me for the time I was in love. And if someone I don't know well tells me I'm beautiful I'm going to call bullshit, but if it comes from someone who loves me, I'm going to take it as "you're beautiful to me," and that's pretty awesome.

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On Ask Polly: My Parents Don't Want Me To Marry This Short Man And I'm Freaking Out!

"if the internalized judgment of my (very judgmental) parents is freaking me out."
When your parents are very judgmental, it is so, so hard to avoid letting their judgmentalism influence you. Therapy is a big help.

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On Millennial Fired For Tweet

@235323722@twitter I think they'll do pretty well. IMO, the author comes off as an entitled brat, and Glass Lewis & Co did the food truck owner a favor by letting him know his employee was acting inappropriately.

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On Ask Polly: Give Me One Reason Why I Shouldn't Cheat On My Wife

@cardiganboots except, Don Draper is also a horrible person. Neither Don nor Pete is something to aspire to.

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On How To Give Birth To A Rabbit

This makes me so sad for the poor rabbits :(

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On 'IT': Seriously, Guys, Get Out Of Maine Before You Die Terribly

@KenWheaton I thought it was, the gang was falling apart somehow - maybe they were too rattled - and group sex was to bring them closer together? Still nuts, though.

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On 'IT': Seriously, Guys, Get Out Of Maine Before You Die Terribly

@robotosaur also, The Reaper's Image!! Pure scary (terrifying!) ghost story, no gore.

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On 'Breaking Dawn - Part 2': A Trampera Has Ended

I am so sad this is over!!!!

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