On "Cat Armor" Brings Us One Step Closer To Having Made All The Stupid Things That Can Be Made

Hah, if you've ever seen cats a fight'n, you know that head armor is what is needed. One of my poor kitties has lost most of both ears and has scars over both eyes. I'd get her some kind of spiked helmet if I knew she wouldn't bite me trying to put it on.

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On Exercise Is For Old People

Good strategy but sometimes fatal! I am 56 and kept telling myself I needed to get back in shape. Then one Sunday morning last month I was starting up the powerwasher (needed about 15 pulls to get it going ...) and had a heart attack. Fortunately the wife got me to the hospital in 15 minutes and an hour and a half later I had two stents put in place.

Apparently I had 95% block on one artery and almost 100% block on the other. Trouble is, other than some shortness of breath I did not have any clanging warnings. (Don't smoke and blood pressure is 120/80)

Just like people who buy into a bubble figuring they'll bail before it pops -- timing is everything.

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