On If Mars Had Panicky Idiots, Martian Facebook Would Be Super-Annoying Right Now

I don't think it matters where Rover is. He's gonna be picked up like a gnat in a hurricane. Bet NASA never expected him to fly again.

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On Run, Jeb, Run! (Number 394 in a Series)

Bush vs. Clinton? Can't we all just move along?

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On White Conservatives On Supreme Court Wondering Whether We Need Laws That Allow Black People To Vote For Democrats

Regardless of his acumen, Uncle Tom can be counted on to make the right decision for his Masters, whatever convoluted logic he has to spew to get there.

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On Ask Polly: Why Do People Always Think I'm Gay?

Obvious hoax letter. Polly was had.

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On Is It Finally The Beginning Of The End For Facebook?

I have no sympathy for people who bought FB stock. It was obviously gonna tank. What a scam. Never have, and never will, sign up to that junksite.

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On One Ring To Rule Them All

Off-topic. Diamonds are worthless. They are a scam. A buddy of mine tried to sell his diamond ring to multiple jewelers and was offer the ring's weight in gold only. Diamond? Free. There's a mountain of diamonds held in Antwerp vaults to stop the price falling to junk value. Other rocks the same; rubies, sapphires, etc. Just get gold.

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On Peggy Noonan's Awakenings

5 of the Supreme Court Justices are Roman Catholic and 4 are Jewish. Make of that what you will. It just seems a little... unrepresentative?

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On How To Make Bourbon Salt

Salt is not bad for you. It's all been a terrible mistake. New Scientist published the results.


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On How Three People Survive Living In The Middle Of Nowhere

Not so sure about the jungle. They have big spiders there so you're never lonely.

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On "Now you have a chance to buy a chicken nugget shaped like a cowboy boot"

Still worth more than FaceBook...

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