On The 15 Most Delightful Internet Films of 2011

The fact that this person, and anyone else, thinks that these lame videos constitute anything interesting, or artistic, just explains why "reality TV" is so popular with the masses these days. Nothing but boring nonsense is actually interesting in so many people's minds.

What a lame and uninteresting bunch of stuff this all is. Funny? Really? To you?

YouTube is full of this crap. Anyone can do it. This isn't good, it's pathetic.

How about actually applauding unusually and exceptionally creative works, instead of this every-day, Ipod, YouTube, average grade stuff.

This isn't good, or interesting, or admirable, this is what now passes as typical, primetime TV crap these days. What too many people want to believe is great, because it's amatuer, and so it should be good.

I'm sorry, but amateur is not always...not often...good.

What has this world come to!

Posted on December 28, 2011 at 9:53 pm 0