On The Struggle For The Occupy Wall Street Archives

A really well written article. Michelle attended each of our working group meetings, gets what the movement is about and also has worked in an archive so she has insights that other journalists don't have. I see the start of the archives differently. Jez and I met on September 24th which was one week after the occupation. He made an announcement on September 21st that he wanted to archive material from the occupation. I remember that night well because it was the night Troy Davis was executed. By the time of the October 9th meeting that the writer mentions, Jez and I were already working together. I see the start of the archive as very much of a joint collaboration between Jez and I. We had very similar ideals for preserving this history. I'm not sure you would get this impression from the description in the article, which is a shame especially for women in this movement. I am sure that was not Michelle's intention however. At least someone took an interest in writing an in depth article about this!

Posted on December 24, 2011 at 9:19 pm 0