On Ask Polly: I'm 40 And No Man Would Want Me Now!

@Bunburying Is this the only line you read from either the letter or the response?

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On Obama And Romney Turn To Instagram In Battle of White House Photo Worthiness

@joshc Seriously the logo is THE WORST looks like late-80's Aquafresh branding.

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On Azealia Banks, “Liquorice”

Thank God for the return of popsicle season.

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On Bunny Hopped


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On Bruce Springsteen Albums, In Order

@Brooks Agree about the Rising. Wrecking Ball is making me nostalgic for the Rising.

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On 10 Things I Believed When I Was A Little Kid In Order Of How Embarrassing They Still Are When I Remember Them Today

Michael Jackson was a lady and when I got old enough someone would explain why s/he was so weird.

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On Egg Small

That's gross.

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On 2012 Predictions: Charting The Year Ahead

If someone wants to cafepress those "I <3 the Black Eyed Gaga Biebers" shirts, I'd for sure get one.

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On 2012 Predictions: Charting The Year Ahead

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On 20 Years After 'Achtung Baby '

@dado That's Running to Stand Still. The Edge said With or Without you was about a horse but he might have been joking?

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