On The 40-Year-Old Reversion

Still living in high school in your mid-forties. That's where I want to be.

"How much you wanna make a bet I can throw a football over them mountains?"

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On Local Millennial Doesn't Deserve to Live in New York City

@julebsorry This is a good place to start.

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On Local Millennial Doesn't Deserve to Live in New York City

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On What 2012 Looked Like In 1982

What the Kids Whole Earth Catalog didn't predict the demise of classified ads. Or their own demise, at that.

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On How To Get Lost Less Often

The turning left theory works only in mazes that have contiugous walls, i.e. no loops. Although, the only mazes that don't are ones where you exit or enter from somewhere in the middle of the maze. Being essentially two-dimensional, corn mazes will have their exits on the outside. Unless they helicopter you in. But that's outside of the scope of this comment.

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On How to Blow Through Airport Security for Only $100


The Google, she is your friend.
Word History: The spelling gauntlet is acceptable for both gauntlet meaning "glove" or "challenge" and gauntlet meaning "a form of punishment in which lines of men beat a person forced to run between them"; but this has not always been the case. The story of the gauntlet used in to throw down the gauntlet is linguistically unexciting: it comes from the Old French word gantelet, a diminutive of gant, "glove." From the time of its appearance in Middle English (in a work composed in 1449), the word has been spelled with an au as well as an a, still a possible spelling. But the gauntlet used in to run the gauntlet is an alteration of the earlier English form gantlope, which came from the Swedish word gatlopp, a compound of gata, "lane," and lopp, "course." The earliest recorded form of the English word, found in 1646, is gantelope, showing that alteration of the Swedish word had already occurred. The English word was then influenced by the spelling of the word gauntlet, "glove," and in 1676 we find the first recorded instance of the spelling gauntlet for this word, although gantelope is found as late as 1836. From then on spellings with au and a are both found, but the au seems to have won out.

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On Two Tesla Coils, "Sweet Home Alabama"

Similar to plasma speakers:

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On Watch Vegas Grow

Why does no one build up anymore?

And notice how the sprawl stalls around 2007. Hmm...

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On How To Share Your Good News With Friends

The same rules apply for your sob story. Facebook is not the medium to broadcast that you have cancer, or got divorced, or lost your job.

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On Racist Idiots Somehow Capable Of Working Twitter

I'm cool with black history month, but it's a misnomer. It should be called "American Black History" month. I rarely ever see a mention of modern African history aside from a misty-eyed romantic remembrance of pre-colonial hunter-gatherer mythology. And little mention of black history from the West Indies, South America, the rest of North America, etc.

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