On Gays Assassinate CEO

@Kendall I socially accept your retaliation against my post.

[crying bald eagle dot gif]

In seriousness? There's a huge difference between tolerating someone's whackadoo beliefs and wanting said whackadoo to be the public face and highest representative of your organization. Mozilla realized that needlessly alienating so many people whose charity they depended on to survive was a dumb idea.

And just FYI, pillories and jails are not just metaphors! They are actual physical punishments meted out to people! "People" in this context does NOT include "homophobic billionaires!"

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On Gays Assassinate CEO

@Kendall Actually, the thing that opened the floodgates for socially accepted retaliation against any position was the first amendment. GOD DAMN IT THE GAYS NOW YOU'RE IN THE CONSTITUTION IS NOTHING SACRED???

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On "Star Trek Into Darkness": What Came Next

@dialectric That would be a great point if anyone were arguing that "better than search for Spock" was the goal here.

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On Critics Who Explain Things

@deepomega No, do "tiresome" next!

Okay but really. You seem very upset that she didn't include the scare quotes on women's fiction, but then you quote her and, Lo, the words in question are framed by pairs of inverted commas.

"But," you sputter, probably after calling me tedious or god I hope tiresome, "those are simply quote quotes, not irony quotes or condescension quotes!"

Yes and all the different flavors of quote look the same. So I charitably decide that she is in fact reusing the construction from the review — women's fiction is hardly a novel enough coinage to attribute — and you can be less charitable and insist that only a triple quote mark will do. And you can't really say that either of us is wrong, because after all this silliness about author intent, both cases look exactly the same on the page.

Are you seeing the relevance to the discussion at hand?

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On Critics Who Explain Things

I didn't take that away from this article; I brought that to this article.

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On The Ugly-Beauty Of Brutalism

The brutalist journalism/psychology complex at UGA has given rise to some great urban legends.

1. The building was paid for with money willed to the University. The donor, a strict woman, felt that windows distracted students and forbade them in all classroom spaces. (This one's probably true.)

2. Fear of race riots was running so high at the time of construction that the floor plan was designed to baffle anyone who didn't know it well. In the event that angry black people invaded, occupants could hide on the top floor, with five levels of different mazes and no less than three necessary staircases between them and the raging mob.

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On The Ugly-Beauty Of Brutalism

Gay marriage wins and is all set to get destroyin' America when... is that... CARS???


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On The Ugly-Beauty Of Brutalism

Brutalism and gay marriage arm wrestling. Winner gets to destroy America.

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On Do You Know Any Of Those Crazy Broads Who Would Rather Be Smart Than Have A Baby?

Some day soon the Onion and the National Review are going to merge seamlessly into some sort of...




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On Scholar Finds The Fact That Mitt Romney Somehow Got To Be A Presidential Candidate Totally Amazing

@wallsdonotfall Ugh, no no no! It's all about the luxury goods. Iron was great for equipping swordsmen in Gandhi's crusade against the Spanish, but it was the Babylonians' monopoly on silk and silver that gave them the economic strength to beat everybody to the steam engine.

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