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not sure what you mean by quixotic and not sure if i read the whole article or just page searched my name.

4 mentions? c'mon...

i'm also not sure if you got the gist of what we're trying to do here in ows. i could try and educate you, ask you to challenge your assumptions about hierarchical blah blah blah.

but should the burden of proof be on us? why should we not question whether michelle dean spent her time well researching such an article?

because that's what i took from the above piece. 'they're endearing if somewhat...quixotic.'

the real story is michelle, not ows. i think you write to form the mirror that you then sigh at, bored? cleverly? happy? contact me if you ever want to do revolution full time and not as a tourist :)

Posted on December 22, 2011 at 7:24 am 0