On "Smut, Please"! The Fabulous Online Universe of 'Twilight' Fan Fiction, in Which Edward and Bella Get It On and On and On

It's too bad you didn't actually read the stories listed in the top ten lists. There are quite a few that are NOT smut stories as you refer to them. Yes, the site has its share of erotic stories, but it also has some great stories that are not centered around sex.

In fact, the #1 story, has no sex in it at all. "Trust in Advertising."
There are others on those lists as well. It’s about half and half.

So instead of jumping on the smut wagon, maybe you should have researched your facts a little better. It's no wonder psymom and the staff of Twilighted didn't feel comfortable talking to you. You would have twisted anything they would have added to this article.

If you want people to embrace it, maybe you shouldn't denigrate to what you have.

Posted on October 16, 2009 at 6:53 pm 0