On The Horrible NYC Starbucks Bathroom Masturbator

I don't know how he expects to be taken seriously with a name like "Mister PeePee." It sounds like a doll used to potty train toddlers.

And to think I used to really appreciate Starbuck's "single seater" restrooms. Now I'll just hold it until I get home, thanks.

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On The Oakland Police Department's War on Citizens

Also keep in mind that the marches were allowed and even endorsed by the City of Oakland. At issue was the overnight camping in a public plaza.

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On Bow To Coleen, Queen Of The WAGs

What a charming pic – he looks like his Dad!! And a great example of building and maintaining relationships with clients as their families grow and develop…

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On One Google Books To Rule Them All?

Today you can have as many books as you want and that is a good think!

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