On Hostage Situation Ongoing

I sure am glad that the Justice Department stopped Apple and the publishers from their dangerous, consumer-harming monopoly.

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On Wall Street Ready For Another Four Years Of Bush

@Ralph Haygood I had drinks with a senior director muckymuck at Wells Fargo last summer who was complaining about this. In response to the suggestion that some hedge fund types who gave money to Obama's 2008 campaign became Romney supporters because they felt that Obama was unsympathetic to Wall Street, she practically spat out her drink shouting "Fuck Wall Street!" Anyone with a third of a brain would understand what an enormous gift to the finance industry the Obama administration has been (which isn't really even meant as a criticism, compared to the shitshow we were left with at the end of 2008).

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On Meet The Awl

@theheckle Tell me what it was like when the Awl began, Papa.

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On Pinot Noir Twirler Won't Walk Away For Less Than One Billion

Not that these folks actually merit a serious reply, but: should one of that cohort actually reach his "number," my guess is that the chances of him (always him) actually quitting are probably one divided by said number.

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On How To Get Rid Of Bad Memories


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On What To Do If You're Not Alice Munro

As a rule, the most boring people in America are the Europhile midwesterners who attempt to confront their own insecurities by prating on about how bourgeois we all are, unlike the rest of the world, where things are old and literary, like this one time when I went to France for my junior year and PEOPLE DISCUSSED ART, OKAY?!!

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On The End Of Food Stamps—Oh Hey That Handbag Looks Tasty

The world must be very confusing and unfamiliar to these guys when they wander outside of redstate.

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On Poor Hank Paulson: Things Are Actually Worse Now Than Five Years Ago!

"Goldman Sachs would not exist today without the rescue of AIG."

Well, yes, maybe, in the sense that the whole house of cards could have come down and all of the banks could have failed en masse and who knows where we'd all be today and there would probably have been a run on squirrel meat. But in the immediate Goldman Sachs corner of the world, Goldman has always claimed, and have shown the evidence to support their claim, that they were fully hedged against AIG, and were even holding the cash to support those hedges. So the whole AIG/Goldman/Treasury conspiracy line, while attractive in a surface-level Matt Taibbi-sort of way, doesn't really pan out in reality.


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On The High-Stakes Crushed Or Fried Debate


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On Let's Take A Break And Stare Passively At This Baby Panda Meeting Its Mom For The First Time

Nothing like a real-life version of Dumbo's mom cradling him in her trunk through the bars to make me feel good about the world.

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