On B.o.B., "Paper Route"

"They'll aim at anyone bold enough to go against the shit. You don't believe me, look what happened to the Dixie Chicks."

I think he means that time the Dixie Chicks criticized President Bush (they spoke a complete sentence of objection) and then Cumulous Media banned them from the airways and sponsored album smashing parties, and Clear Channel held anti-Dixie Chicks rallies with Glenn Beck, and I'm sure Fox News accused them of un-American treason hourly.

Man, remember those days?

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On Penis Rays, Self-Loathing and Psychic Voodoo: Autobiographical Cartoonists on Truth and Lies

Well, someone should say this is really cool. This was really cool.

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On Our Billionaire Philanthropists

Also: FUCK George Mason University.

The strategy works, too. They're right there in Washington, so journalists quote those Koch economics professors all the time.

Unrelated: their hockey team are bunch of pansies.

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On Our Billionaire Philanthropists

However, I still believe 3x bottom line corporations are a good idea. A business has to measure itself by SOME metric, and adding environmental and social metrics to profit metrics seems valuable.

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On Our Billionaire Philanthropists

For fucks sake that was amazing.

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On If You See An Elk While Peeing In Sweden, Be Careful: There's Sure To Be A Bear Somewhere Nearby

Holy shit, so much awesome Swedish swearing.

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On What Books Make You Cringe To Remember?

@oldtaku Dude, MYTH. I read those repeatedly and have NO shame. Did you ever end up reading Asprin's attempt at '80s deregulation future thriller, The Cold Cash Wars, in which all these corporations have their own private armies? I think about it every time I hear "Dyncorp," or "Xe"...

And you know what? I read a lot of these books and loved the hell out of them, too. On the Road was cool. Steven King never grabbed me, and I disliked Rand from page 500 of Atlas Shrugged, but to this day I think Raymond Carver and Camus and Nancy Drew and Catcher in the Rye deserve plenty of respect. Tom Robbins too.

Reading is fun. Shame is boring. Fuck it, why am I reading a comment thread? Someone give me a book about dragons.

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On 15 Recipes for Your Enormous Christmas Cookie Tray!!!

Holy Shit. Move in with me? I mean, don't, because I am not neat, and disaster would ensue, but...put me in your life in a cookie-eating and admiring capacity. Which circle of friendship do I have to attain? I will win a level four amulet. I will buy flour.

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On Against Gift Giving

@beerd Seriously, it minimizes the awkwardness. The holidays are like a social vomitorium for love and all the discomfort, vulnerability and irrationality connected to it. You have to give a gift sometime...

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On Against Gift Giving

@deepomega You don't need to bring gifts to weddings. It's a recession. Anyone under 35 gets credit just for showing up.

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