On One Day at the Mercy of New York's Most Ambitious Events Guide

Jeff Stark is the Sabbath bride.

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On Gays Assassinate CEO


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On Why Is America Turning To Shit?

That's right - it's Missouri, not Michigan, that bears the brunt of the reversal of the flow of the Chicago River, which routed waste through a sanitary canal and into the south-flowing Mississippi.

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On Slate Complete

I've always found it completely confusing that Slate, a publication that obsesses about life's minor and inconsequential irritations, is ITSELF a major offender in that category: every time you click over to the next page of an article, it takes you to a full page view and places you back at the top of the page. You lose your place! Heal thyself, SLATE.

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On Venture Capital's Massive, Terrible Idea For The Future Of College

This might be the only thoughtful, well-researched piece ever written about MOOCs.

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On Ask Polly: I Don't Like My Friends Anymore

I love this so much!

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On Dustin Lance Black: Mostly Gay Sex Was Invented in, Say, the 1940s


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