On My Hairdo Is Not Your Safari

@SaraTonin It was a(n apparently bad) joke.

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On My Hairdo Is Not Your Safari

Jenna - this happens to me a lot, too. I'm a white woman with super-curly, long-ish brown hair. If I get a good vibe from the person, I don't really mind the hair-touching, but I've never said no to anyone. Probably need a better sense of personal boundaries in order to keep grubby hands out of my hair but that's another comment for another day. I suspect people want to touch your hair because it's so beautiful and this has less to do with skin color than pure tactile desire but who knows? My daughter is Asian and I find myself stroking her hair all the time. It's all sikly and blue-black and thick. Enjoy your lovely curls - perhaps you could keep a bottle of hand sanitizer on you and make folks use it before touching??? :-)

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On Don't Stop Running

I loved this - so perfectly honest and lacking the pretension that sometimes accompanies pieces about life lessons. I come from a family drowning in (and in a few cases, drowned by) depression and self-harm and I think the concept of not stopping - running, living, name your present participle - has saved my life more than a time or two. Thank you, Cord.

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On A Treasury of the World's Worst Online Dating Stories

@anvil **SPOILER** It became the subplot to The Hangover II instead.

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On My Three-Month Facebook Dialogue With A Scammer From Malaysia Pretending To Be A Beautiful Woman

I started laughing and crying at this point:

I don't! I have an IM on my bank account but I would need to give you my bank account number and password. Do you want it?


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