On What's Invisible At Harvard: A Conversation

This was waaaay too tongue in cheek and negative for me. Some great points about race, class and issues plaguing diverse students in wealthy private schools are raised here, but anything positive that could've come from this article (conversation?) is severely undermined by all the sarcasm and "wit." I'm also saddened and embarrassed for them and other students of lower income families or social classes to have felt like they needed to hide who they were and where they came from, especially with parents that worked so hard to put them through school. It sounds exactly like they became the snobs that they were writing about. I don't give a shit, anyone at Emerson College (or any other school I've visited/attended) and anyone who's ever known me, knows I came from the hood, that 90% of my family members were imprisoned at some point in their lives and that I worked my ASS off to get to Emerson College. I understand these socioeconomic and racial issues all too well, but if we're going to discuss our problems, let's be direct about it instead of making a half-assed, jokey, light hearted skit about them.

Posted on July 25, 2011 at 6:50 pm 0