On Blancmange: A Tale of Failure and Delight

I am ashamed to say the only reason I know of blancmanges is from that Monty Python sketch where extra-terrestrial blancmanges conspire to turn Englishmen into Scotsmen in order to win Wimbledon.

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On Who Was The World's First Blogger?

I thought it was Ken Layne?

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On Man Expresses Distaste For Literary Fiction

@deepomega Well, I mean, there are _genres_ of fiction, in the sense that it's useful to separate books into categories according to form, content, etc. But you're right in that there's no such thing as genre fiction, which is to say a separate class of fiction that can be distinguished from literature because it adheres to certain forms, contents, conventions. As Choire pointed out in his article, literary fiction is just as dependent on conventions as fantasy fiction. The difference is that literary fiction depends on boring-ass conventions like middle-class white people being sad and baseball, whereas fantasy novels at least have dragons.

Of course, it doesn't sound like anyone in this thread disagrees with each other, so there's that. But I, too, could go on forever.

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