On Two Minutes of Walking on the Internet as a Woman

@1702923402@twitter hey DIPSHIT? the filming was done by Rob Bliss, a regular-looking white mid-20s male from Grand Rapids, Michigan, and the camera was concealed in his backpack.

I'm certain you'll have thought of some new stupid way to blame the victim shortly, so you just let me know what you come up with.

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On Would You Like To Own This Wacky Telegram From Ernest Hemingway?


Wrong use of WONT.
Either go with:

"The Hemingways hardly knew them, and for want of independence, they usually booked their own houses or hotels."


"The Hemingways hardly knew them; for independence, they usually booked their own houses or hotels, as was their wont."

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On Ask Polly: I'm Angry At My Mom And I Can't Talk About It!

re: LW2, it's usually pretty hard for young people under 26 with no job who are broke to get a credit card. and if you can, it often leads to a whole host of other problems, particularly if one is charging hundreds of dollars (insurance and therapist monthly can run $300+) and barely scraping by without having to factor in repayments. i think this is irresponsible advice.

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On The Killer Crush: The Horror Of Teen Girls, From Columbiners To Beliebers

"where you cannot place what *you're feeling"

#corrections :)

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On The Final Panel

Oh Alex, like Salman Rushdie, Maakies is also not dead (read your link)

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On Be The Ugliest Girl At The Party And Bad Men Will Leave You Alone

Possibly worth noting that the Brits sometimes employ "to" where we use "than", as in the case of "more attractive [than] themselves." (At first I thought this implied guppy lesbianism and I was like ... tell me more)

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