On Being Female


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On London's Student Demonstrations Are the Best Sort of Education

When will students be angry at a government and society both complicit in selling the idea that a university education is necessary for a better society? Especially a university education in the humanities. India and China would laugh if they weren't so busy eating the West's lunch.

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On A Proposal for a Commodities Market for the Legal World

What do you think a law firm does when it accepts a case on spec? It goes to a bank and gets a loan. What you're proposing isn't much different.

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On Chinese Waste Beer

I am growing increasingly distressed with the world, and I am using this post to make public my deep and abiding sense of despair. In short: I am a blobfish, but tonight I will be a beer-drinking chinese reindeer.

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On Five Memes That Are Mostly Just People Laughing at Working-Class African-Americans, in Order of Views

you forgot this one:

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On 'Eat Pray Love' and 'I Am Love': Class Warfare

If any of the critics I listed above cared one whit about class in this country or any other, and thus hated the artistic treatment of privileged whining, they'd have to throw out what I'd imagine is more than half of Western cinema.

How's that for a "structural generalization"? The only movie I can think of which also does this (that is, the 'artistic treatment of privileged whining', whatever that actually means) is "Garden State", and I'm pretty sure any critic worth his salt panned that one.

Name some others. I don't think it's an untenable position to be tired of rich white people whining and whining on the big screen. The only critics of such films tend to be whiney rich white people anyway.

My only confusion about Eat, Pray, Love, and the reaction from critics is: why not go Eat, Pray, Love, and Orientalize on your own? Put the $14 you would otherwise pay for a movie ticket into a bank account. You'll be able to afford a one-way ticket to India having skipped less than 100 movies.

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On Seven Years as a Freelance Writer, or, How To Make Vitamin Soup

This piece reads a hell of a lot better when the sentence "So then I fucked him." is appended to the end of each paragraph. Try it.

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On Atheists Determined To Reinforce Stereotypes

anyone see the "robotic hamster" segment that comes after the clip?

"The Zuzu Pet."

I'm tickled.

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On Another Blackberry Commercial Irks In Many Ways

The New Boyz are actually from Albuquerque, originally, and my local paper (actually quite a conservative rag) ran a full spread on them a few months back.

Something about living in the same town as these people are from makes their popularity nothing to laugh at. I frown at it.

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