On Gays Assassinate CEO

This is the best thing I've read on this messy and complicated situation. Thanks, Choire.

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On City Old


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On Showtime, Synergy

I absolutely adored this! Thank you.

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On White Woman Wants Your Home

You shouldn't be so rude to Kate Baldwin. What has she ever done to you, Choire? Oh, you had to sit through Big Fish? Well then, troll away Sicha, troll away.

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On Bronx Fixed

This will surely become de Blasio ville long before it opens as a golf course, no? Or perhaps it will become home base for the roving motorcycle gangs? Trump should probably just follow Bloomberg's lead and move to London.

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On Mayor Mike's Legacy: What *Really* Happened To Affordable Housing In New York City

I've missed Choire's OCD math posts. This was what made the Awl in the early days. Sigh.

Also, this is something no one is talking about in the current coverage of the mayoral election: "We're also going to miss him when we forget in a couple years that he's largely to blame for the forthcoming budget crisis." Shit's gonna hit the fan and everyone in the media is going to blame de Blasio or Quinn or Thompson, but it's really basically going to be all Bloomberg's fault. But he will be sunning in the Bahamas or soaking in his $13,000 tub or bouncing around up in his space compound by then so what will he care.

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On Bodies, Commerce, Complicity: Porn Star Dale Cooper

@Zach_Swift_Maher Think more atmospheric and episodic than literal and graphic. Taxi Zum Klo but in Paris in the '70s/'80s. A snapshot of a very particular type of man at a very particular time, both of which most likely will never be seen again. Obviously not a Hollywood movie, but European, perhaps French or even Spanish or German. I'm hoping the upcoming Strangers by the Lake will capture some of that mood/tone.

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On Bodies, Commerce, Complicity: Porn Star Dale Cooper

@Zach_Swift_Maher Tricks is insanely hot. I wish someone would make a feature film of it.

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On 'The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel' Is My Favorite Movie Of 2012

I loved this movie too, but it's 2013 and I really thought we had moved passed "the homo dies" in cinema.

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On Book Gay

This book was delightful when I read it a few months back and it was called "Queer Street" and was written by James McCourt.

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