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On It's a Boy Brawl! Mark Ames v. Malcolm Harris

I feel like the alternative universe version of me who knows what the hell is going on here has already written a very strongly-worded Tumblr post about it.

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On Infographic: Should You Cover a Piece of Tragic Breaking News?


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On How Can We Get Artists Paid On The Internet? A Chat With David Lowery

@Moff Oh totally - I'm just curious what we want those institutions to do. It seems to me like you can't possibly curtail piracy without stepping on free expression in some way (Google blocking piracy results, for instance), and that's fine - I think that has to happen. I'm just interested in how we're going to make that compromise, because I have thought about it at least a little bit and I have no friggin' clue.

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On How Can We Get Artists Paid On The Internet? A Chat With David Lowery

@deepomega But I don't think that's working either! (I buy that shit sometimes but only because it's of a higher quality, which doesn't really compute with music.) Maybe I'm just too much of a cynic for all this.

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On How Can We Get Artists Paid On The Internet? A Chat With David Lowery

@Moff It's obviously right (like I say: 0% on board with the original NPR post), but it seems to me like the digital music version of abstinence-only education.

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On How Can We Get Artists Paid On The Internet? A Chat With David Lowery

The original NPR post was awful (thought not at all unusual as an argument you find online!), but I guess where Lowrey's response loses me is the slippage from, in the beginning, "it is up to us individually to put pressure on our governments and private corporations to act ethically and fairly when it comes to artists rights" to the end, where he seems to be saying instead that it is up to us individually to directly give money to artists or their label/non-profit intermediaries. I'm on board with the former but I dunno about the latter? It sounds a bit like we're hoping people will become ethical consumers, another argument you hear a lot around online music that I think isn't exactly right either. But maybe Lowrey's just saying that we need to change our ethical view first before the policy change can come? But that doesn't seem true because he makes all these direct appeals for people to give money to certain organizations? Oh, I don't know. Maria, are you familiar with a policy that's been proposed to ensure artists get paid without falling into the trap of limiting creative expression? What should we be supporting as a policy, ethically, aside from "everyone stop pirating things"?

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On Crispin Glover's 1989 Novelty Album About Clowns and Screaming

@jfruh That's good to know! I've never seen him in person, and I wondered.

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On Free To Be... Straight White Males

The thing I'm wondering about, I guess, is how much of this is just The Internet? Because sure, there is some of that not-niceness stuff online, but walking down the street as me-who-I-am I don't get aaaaaany of that. So is The Internet the Real Thing, the place where the social mores that enforce privilege are broken down and we can be honest with each other? Or is screaming at each other in text boxes inherently disconnected from how things play out on an interpersonal level and ultimately not all that meaningful? And how does all that connect with the TED stuff - does it mean in THE FUTURE we will all be online and so will be yelling at one another about privilege, or that the super-rich ding-dongs building THE FUTURE will build it in such a way that it enforces their view of how the world should work?

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On Brand New CeeLo Track! The... Meow Mix Theme Song Remix


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On I Have Thoughts About Commenting Systems!

Didn't read through this, but basically the commenters would all like the commenting system to stay the same, right? NICK DENTON WAS SOMETHING SOMETHING

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