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On Frats Nightmarish

So many questions about the writing in this thing.

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On How Should A Game Be?

@markkowgier Awesome!

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On How Should A Game Be?

@fhwang Also good points! "Indie" is definitely a meaningless term, but it is for movies and music too - there are lots of bands we'd recognize as "indie" that are on major labels, and lots of bands on independent labels that don't sound "indie." That "indie games" is starting to become a name for a genre term rather than a description of a distribution arrangement is indicative of the avant-garde shift in games.

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On How Should A Game Be?

@Danzig! Oh hey, wow, all good points. I think what I was trying to say is that focusing on either AAA or indie would be a fine approach, but they're very different approaches. I totally agree that big-budget games are like big-budget movies in many ways, and I think they can be justified as art in the same way film critics did in the 60s/70s (Cahiers, Kael, etc.) - through appeal to something like auteur theory and championing their populist appeal. (Is there a Kaelian games critic out there doing like libidinal critiques of Skyrim?) But as a music critic, I know that ultimately one view tends to win out: all rock music is now judged by the standards of punk, even though there are a lot of different versions of rock critics could champion. So will critics decide that AAA games aren't "really art" and focus on the indie stuff? Or will the big-budget standards win out, as they seem to have in film criticism? Or maybe they can coexist!

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On Danny Elfman Is 60

I am disappointed this is not a scene from Back To School.

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On Is Your Social Media Editor Destroying Your News Organization Today?

Appreciate the update, can you please also include a number in curly brackets to indicate how credible you believe that information to be

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On The 15 Vanity Singles By "Real Housewife" Bravolebrities: One Is Actually Good!

@IBentMyWookie I was thinking of getting a betting pool going about how many of these I missed. Keep 'em coming! I'll add them to the YouTube playlist.

ETA: Aha! Jo made a full album, and so therefore would not have qualified for this feature. (Though I totally did forget her.)

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On In Praise Of Editors, Or In This Case, Editor

For real.

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On Young Manhattanite is Beacon on New York Shabbos Scene

sent from my samsung galaxy s3

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On The Great Pumpkin Beer-Off

Oh man, been waiting for this for so long. FYI, Elysium hosts a pumpkin beer festival every year with 60 of 'em.

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