On A Friendly Reminder About Death

Oh Alex take refuge already. You're halfway to enlightenment already, having got the impermanence thing down. To mix and match cosmologies, when you hit your Uranus Opposition, #callme.

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On Leonard Cohen, "Show Me The Place"

I'm still hung up on your use of "big" and "come" in the first sentence, so, relatively speaking, I think you're doing all right, morally.

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On John Prine Is 65

The coincidence of John Mellencamp birthday announcement and this one has initiated in me a fierce yearning to re-watch Falling from Grace. Does anyone else secretly love it? (Is there a better soundtrack for driving in the Midwest than that soundtrack?)

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On The Magical Hows, If Not the Whys, of IVF

If you are having trouble getting pregnant, and that's why you read this, you might want to just stop eating soy for a few months before going to all this trouble. Sorry if that wasn't very pithy or amusing.

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On Satchels, Totes and Cases! Whatever Shall a Man Carry?

European military surplus shoulder bags! Nice nondescript black canvas, last forever, kinda punk rock.

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On Blame The Seasons For Your Life Maladies

@dntsqzthchrmn I've long been convinced that prenatal vitamin D levels are at the root of astrology! Something must explain the Sagittarian mojo—because we were in the oven during the best months of the year when all the food is fresh and the vitamin D flowing in.

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On Mastering Your Brain

I am sorry to hear about your grandma.
Sober is better than drunk, and it's better to start your sober life young-ish, because you don't really get used to it for about ten years,

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On You Can Roadtrip to Indiana for Saarinen, But Here's First-Rate Modernism Closer

Columbus is an architectural theme park! http://www.columbus.in.us/listings/index.cfm?catId=336
This time of year, I miss Indiana fiercely.

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On Six Writers Tell All About Covers and Blurbs

Designers like it if you say "typeface" rather than "font." And I'm sure a designer will swoop in and explain the distinction! A useful bit of information if you are engaged in collegial discussion/negotiation of cover design. With you on "blurbs"—I go with "promotional comment," always.

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On Back It Up, Back It Up

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