On Word Somewhat Powerful

I feel like this will appeal to the sort of people who say "not tomorrow, tonight!" if you have a conversation at 2am.

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On Realism Lauded

A Safari extension that auto-closes a tab if more than one non-proper-noun is italicized would save me a lot of trouble.

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On Organization Seeks Recruits Online

I assumed it would be a hand cursor with pinky cut-off.

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On What America Needs Now Is A Successful Television Heist Show

@tscola I feel like the A-Team pulled off a few heists in their time.

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On Fake Smoking Gets Real, I Dunno, Art Thing

I tried NJOYS, and the weird part was what to say when someone asked to bum a cigarette. Being honest meant a dumb interaction about how it was electronic, while otherwise I felt I was lying about not having any hypothetical cigarettes left. There were also many pointless conversations about not having a lighter. I eventually went back to snus and lozenges.

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On "Cat Armor" Brings Us One Step Closer To Having Made All The Stupid Things That Can Be Made

That's quite a mise-en-scene. I love that they chose to use a human size sword.

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On Ask Polly: My Mom Keeps Guilting Me About Visiting For Christmas!

@annev6 I would also add that having the same beliefs isn't shangri-la - my family are liberal atheists, and, having politics+religion mostly covered, we just fight about other stuff.

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On The Insane Whole Foods Gowanus Is Open For Your Gentrifying Needs

It's kind of a shame that gonzo Brooklyn Target opening didn't set a precedent for gentrification openings.

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On White Woman Wants Your Home

The actual exterior in the show is a house on Leroy in the West Village which says something about something I guess.

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On A Life-Changing Invention: The In-Window Cat Litter Box

@271044602@twitter Clear Acrylic David Blaine Collabo Colorway Cat Conditioner

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