On Class, Strategy And Shopping: What Happened At Occupy Black Friday

@davetar The management in retail stores often make out the worst on days like this. My Toys R Us manager worked a 22 hour shift on black friday, and essentially made no more money for it because he makes salary, not an hourly rate. That means no overtime, no holiday pay. If you're wondering what that salary is, it is quite modest especially taking into account what a retail employee has to put up with. I worked 12 hours on black friday and was not allowed overtime or holiday pay. Many people at the store worked much more. These guys are dickheads, period.

Furthermore, shopping carts in the way are not going to deter shoppers from getting what they want. We literally had somebody rip down an entire shelving unit trying to get to something, and nobody stopped long enough for an employee to clear the area. They don't care what is in their way.

Posted on November 29, 2011 at 8:46 pm 0