On Ross Douthat on Abortion: A Case of Op-Ed Malpractice

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On A Ton of Long Things You Can Start Watching on Netflix Now!

Senna is a fantastic documentary, especially if you know nothing about F1. And then Bill Cunningham New York.

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On A Ton of Long Things You Can Start Watching on Netflix Now!

@alorsenfants The CLOTHES in Carlos alone

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On How Do You Like Barack Obama Now? A Conversation

@Mr. B the fact that Nicole's reason for not liking the president is a single criminal charge stemming from activity less than a year old is so bugfuck I don't know where to start.

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On How To Make Veggie And Chicken Stock

I recognize those ziplocs of frozen vegetable trash -- I have the same thing in my tiny apartment freezer, waiting to be given to my worm composter.

Two more things: crockpots are good for stock. Also CI seems to think that you really only need an onion for chicken stock; the rest of the aromatics do nothing. Even faster and cheaper!

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On Sympathy For Jonathan Franzen

Did he have an *attractive* chronicler of society in mind? I mean, everyone in the past was totally uggo -- isn't that like common knowledge, and pretty much built in to our critical faculties?
Now that I've image-searched Mr. Franzen, I'm surprised I disliked The Corrections so much. The writing must have really worked hard to overcome my innate sympathy for such a nice-looking boy.

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On How To Make Weeknight Pasta Sauce

@HereKitty That sauce is no joke. It has the biggest effort/taste ratio of all time.

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On 'The Secret Circle': Teen Witches In ZOMG Love

That David Grann piece is amazeballs-- not spinach at all. Also, I just started watching Vampire Diaries on netflix instant and it too is amazeballs. And the Pike book with the incestuous dinosaurs mentioned above -- amazeballs! Finally, making biscuits!

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On Sarah Palin the TV Star Exposes Sarah Palin the Fake Hunter

Her amateurishness seemed clear from the commercials but I couldn't bring myself to actually watch this or the trapshooting episode. So thanks for this!

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On Pandas! Pandas! Pandas!

Is there *anything* pandas do that seems designed to propagate the species? Pandas are the worst.

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