On "DOMA’s principal effect is to identify and make unequal a subset of state-sanctioned marriages."


The idiot majority punts on the federalist question and then condemns DOMA for creating inequality when this is an inevitable consequence of federal marriage regulations. If you allow both states and the federal government to draft marriage laws independent of each other then how the fuck are you ever not going to have a situation where a subset of marriages are unequal under federal law? It would require that every state have the exact same laws for it not to be the case.

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On Guy Whose Job Is Putting On Face Paint And Frightening Children Resents Being Compared To Scary Old Man

Burlosconi's reputation for corruption is exaggerated because of how entertainingly corrupt he so frequently is. He's actually pretty honest as far as Italy goes, the socialists make him look straight as an arrow.

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On White Conservatives On Supreme Court Wondering Whether We Need Laws That Allow Black People To Vote For Democrats

@thematt On what evidence do you declare that Ken Layne is better than what he has written here? The man has never been anything other tribalist hack who has made a career translating think progress blog posts in to witless snark. He doesn't give a shit about the law and he doesn't give a shit about whether his writing on it is interesting, fair, or accurate.

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On White Conservatives On Supreme Court Wondering Whether We Need Laws That Allow Black People To Vote For Democrats

Ken Layne, you dog. Such arrogance from a man whose whole work in life has been to fashion himself in to one of a million free roaming rhetorical anuses from which the many tentacle like colons of the leftist hivemind connect in order to shit out their propaganda.

How does it feel to live in the shadow of Ana Marie Cox? Cramped and miserable? How cramped and miserable? tell me you lowly little blogger, tell me what it's like to be less talented than a human anal sex joke. Make it 1500 words and i'll give you a donation to your paypal account. You do solicit donations over paypal for those who are appreciative of your work don't you? Of course you do, blogger.

Clarence Thomas is the only genuine legal mind on that despicable body that out of habit we still refer to as a Supreme Court. If you really want to see a hack in action you should read Sotomayor's cringe worthy performance at oral questioning where she once again demonstrated why even many liberals were embarrassed when she was nominated. This woman does not understand the most basic of legal concepts, she doesnt simply ignore them when it suits her like the others, she genuinely doesn't understand them, and yet she is a supreme court justice. Her claim that the federal government is allowed to arbitrarily circumscribe sovereign powers of certain states because states are 'different', and that the legal principle involved was the same as that which allowed the federal government to grant states financial relief, was astonishing in the sheer scale of its stupidity. If I had been making the case before the court and was asked such a 'question' I would have laughed in her face.

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On Weird Millionaire Offers To Torture Married Couple In Space For 501 Days

This is exactly the kind of thing rich people should be spending their money on. The self doubting, apologetic nature of the contemporary wealthy sickens me. The best argument for the concentration of fabulous wealth is the doing of acts that only fabulous wealth will allow. Any billionaire that conducts himself like a common millionaire is a pathetic creature who deserves to have his possessions ripped from him by the socialist machine.

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On Ross Douthat on Abortion: A Case of Op-Ed Malpractice

I'm all for firing Douthat from the NYT and anywhere else he might find employment, be that in the media or a donut shop or wherever, but even his work is better than this steaming pile. It takes a lot of gall to describe Douhats slippery use of the survey data as malpractice and then write as if murdering abortion doctors is some kind of widely agreed upon, core plank of the pro-life movement.

Douhats real failing is that he humours child killing enthusiasts attempts to hide their evil from themselves. What proportion of abortion opponents might be misogynists is obviously distinct from, and irrelevant to, questions surrounding abortions morality. The reason that pro-choice activists answer questions about the latter with jeremiads about the former is because they're scared stiff to think about it. Deep down they know that casuistry they use to rob the child in utero of its humanity, so they can then rob it of its life, cannot bear any real scrutiny. They know that talk of clusters of cells and pregnancy tissue are cheap rhetorical tricks. They know that a fetus is just a stage in a childs development and not some unhuman organism that instantaneously mutates into a human being after popping out of a woman. They know partial birth abortions are monstrous events that give the whole fucking game away. "Oh, sorry, your arm is still in your mothers pussy, therfore you are nothing and I can just penetrate your skull and suck your motherfucking brains out". Fuck yall

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On Let's Occupy Wall Street

OWS still being a thing is why it cant possibly be a thing. When a leftwing political movement lasts for over a year without dissolving into warring splinter groups it can only mean it hasnt won itself any political capital to fight over.

All this shit is about is people coming together to celebrate themselves for coming together.

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On Higgs Boson and the Great Scam of Modern Physics

Assuming that this Bruno Maddox is the first Bruno Maddox I found when I typed Bruno Maddox into google, and that is more than robust enough for me, I am going to make the ancillary assumption that the article is a load of crap. I have know way of knowing that of course, maybe Bruno is dat science dude, but that is the core problem with this kind of science writing. To know if a piece is truly informative you'd have to be priorly informed which defeats the purpose entirely. I'd like to know about science without have to get busy with all those equations and shit but that is the only real way. Taking stuff like this seriously only serves to develop an undeserved pretence of knowledge.

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On Are You Smarter Than a Legal Rockstar? Obamacare at the Supreme Court

@Lucky Jim For anyone not up with legal lingo Stare decisis is a latin phrase which means yeah the precedent is garbage but its garbage I like so go fuck yourself.

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On Man Goes Hungry

@Morbo I've never understood the "that guy is an asshole so of course he must be one of their guys" line of thinking. It doesn't take much life experience to realise that assholes are the most diverse class of people in the entire world.

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