On So What's Shirley Sherrod's Grounds for a Suit?

Small nitpick: she wasn't actually offered her job back; they offered her a new job with the same agency. The new position didn't even exist a year ago, and is almost entirely ceremonial, so she probably can make a decent case that the job is not equal to what she lost, and that accepting it would not be advantageous to her career.

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On The William Shatner Twitter Show Will Apparently Meet One Set Of Expectations

With the sound off, it's almost bearable.

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On TGI Friday's Begs: "Join Us For Gay Pride"

I already celebrated Pride at Rite-Aid, Sears, and The Olive Garden, so I'm just too tired.

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On General McChrystal Relieved of Command, Say NBC and CNN

You should secretly ask the doll what it thinks of your friend, and then publish it in Rolling Stone.

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On Campaign Against Giving Food To Human Beings Proves Controversial

If 50% of the homeless would just do the right thing and commit seppuku, we could give the other 50% jobs cleaning up the corpses. Everybody wins!

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On We All Scream

To be fair to Carvel, I'm sure they assumed that no one in the Lohan family would actually ever eat anything with more calories than a Tic Tac.

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On "Atlas Shrugged, Part 1," The Film: What Can We Expect?

Counterpoint: Paris Hilton.

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On Where Chelsea Clinton's Wedding Will Be

Allentown is lovely this time of year.

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On If You're Not Watching "Party Down" You Can't Be My Friend

Lizzy Caplan is incredibly nice and self-effacing in person - sort of exactly as you would expect her to be. "Party Down" is awesome, but in a way I'm really sad that Jane Lynch went to "Glee," because her character was hysterical in season 1.

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On Russian Spy HQ Plagued By Huge Penis

That takes me back. People used to line up outside my apartment to have their picture taken with MY giant cock in college!

(j/k - I never went to college.)

(j/k again! I went to college, but I didn't have an apartment.)

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