On Go, Carpet Tacks! The Very Best Baseball Team Names Of The Past

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That one's awesome.

The Atlantic City Bacharach Giants could be a garage band who specialize in amped-up Dionne Warwick covers.

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On In Praise Of Editors, Or In This Case, Editor

Definitely looking forward to seeing more of Carrie's own writing. I loved that Lord Byron piece.

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On "Women Don't Like Themselves": Magazine Lady-Trolling in 1939

And Stringer gives us "make over, like a last year's gown." Proving that bumbling and thick-tongued prose somehow got published before the Internet.

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On The 19 Best Failed TV Shows Of The 90s (As Judged By Their Openings)

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The first part of that comment was supposed to be in a blockquote, but that HTML setting doesn't seem to work here.

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On The 19 Best Failed TV Shows Of The 90s (As Judged By Their Openings)

Imagine how much better "Girls" would be if it was about puppets having angry puppet sex with each other, rather than humans.

Maybe Peter Jackson can make this show when he gets the whole Hobbit thing out of his system.

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On Idiot Bigot Folksinger Surprises Old Fans By Being Bigoted Idiot

From what I remember of Shocked's cultural moment - somewhere between '88 and '91 - her fanbase was overwhelmingly lesbian. If she's turned on the LGBTQ contingent now I have no idea how she got a gig in the first place.

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On Reckoning With 'Thelma & Louise'

Yeah, I love cyclist and his herb just because it's so shaggy dog. Good thing he was passing through, I guess.

So few movies have shown any interest in female friendship that when one does, and has a kind of red meat appeal at the same time, you can forgive it a lot.

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On Why We Need Best Supporting-Supporting Actor & Actress Categories

Probably never gonna happen, but I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought Corey Stoll's Papa Hemingway deserved some kind of award.

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On The Joys And Derangement Of "F Troop"

The concept of an underground economy appeared a few times in "The Honeymooners", sure. But the real trailblazer here was "The Phil Silvers Show." Sgt Bilko was practically a country unto himself.

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On The 17 Best Failed TV Shows Of The 80s (As Judged By Their Openings)

Bryan Cranston wears a mullet, bad stubble, and a sleeveless shirt when he's not playing a meth dealer? The 80s really were weird.

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