On The Man Who Makes Money Publishing Your Nude Pics

@Cy Denton@facebook @Cy Denton@facebook What exactly make him cool? His shitty attitude about the world in general or his website full of dick picks? This kid has a lose more compass, and probably a sociopath. No wonder him, and people who worship this kind of behavior (like yourself)didnt have friends in high school. Judging by your picture I would kill myself If I heard you thought I was cool.

You obviously never received privet pics from a significant other... Remember- these are someones daughter and girlfriend. I wouldnt be surprised if someone beat the life out of this kid, that's if he doesnt end up in jail first.

I would love for you to express support for this inexcusable behavior to someone in person, you coward. Disgusting.

Posted on November 18, 2011 at 1:32 am 0