By deepomega on Run, Jeb, Run! (Number 394 in a Series)

While I DID predict that Obama would win 2012 some three years early, I think calling democrats a lock on the White House in 2016 is maybe a little presumptive. What about when America finds out about Hillary's controlling interest in the largest abortion shack manufacturer (Abortopotties)?

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By BadUncle on Farewell To Our Beloved Nazi Pope

@My Number Is My Address And if they don't get a relatively young, charismatic leader, modernity is going to force the second Reformation. The Church can either be advocate for scripture, or a vehicle of social control, but not both.

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By My Number Is My Address on Farewell To Our Beloved Nazi Pope

@BadUncle The Church of England has term limits for Archbishop of Canterbury.

This message brought to you by the Anglican Communion: All the Hats and Half the Hate!

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By BadUncle on 20 Million People Freak Out Over Cop-Killing Ex-Cop

@WindowSeat And the ghost of Gram Parsons.

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By Ham Snadwich on So God Made a Farmer

Ugh. I used to do inspection work with a guy who listened to Paul Harvey in the truck. It's like right-wing Garrison Keillor. I was secretly pleased when I heard Paul Harvey had died.

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By BadUncle on 'Atlas Shrugged': Who Is John Galt's Chiropractor?

You lost me at I already enjoy listening to Rush.

My two cents: one of the worst novels ever written, with or without the childish philosophical apology for narcissism and greed. Populated by two-dimensional characters, the story is poor sci-fi, and even worse romance. Even ditching the 70-page monologue on Objectivism, the narrative is a sluggish journey betraying an author with no real understanding of human nature. In fact, without the ideology, I doubt Rand's "love story" would have found a publisher.

I read this miserable adolescent fantasy - along with the loathesome Stranger in a Strange Land - as an adult, mistaking it for a "great work" that I'd missed while focusing on masturbating as a teenager. Had I only known that one could be a replacement for the other, I wouldn't have risked adult eye-muscle strain on such awful prose.

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By NotAndersonCooper on What Is This "White Vote" Of Which You Speak?

@alorsenfants Stuff white people like but won't pay for.

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By City_Dater on So Long, White Devils! Hello, "New Welfare Constituency"!


I suspect they assume there will be slaves with low foreheads to take care of these things.

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By Michelle LeBlanc@twitter on So Long, White Devils! Hello, "New Welfare Constituency"!

oooOOOOooo where do I sign up to get an angry white guy to pay my bills? As a women, I obviously be shoppin'.

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By Leon on So Long, White Devils! Hello, "New Welfare Constituency"!

I am really excited for the day atlas finally shrugs and all of these assholes run off to galt's gulch

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