On What Does How You Sleep Say About You?

Does sleeping in the "swastika" position make me Anti-Semetic?

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On Exercise Is For Old People

I just spent two weeks redecking and reshingling my roof. I'm 50 , does this mean I'm immortal now?

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On NASA Dorks Win Dork World Series

@Urbania Team Steltzner

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On Hard-Packed Ice Cream Or Soft-Serve?

@cherrispryte Avoid the horror known as Yonanas.

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On Hard-Packed Ice Cream Or Soft-Serve?

The correct answer is Straciatella and Fiordilatte in a cup at Vivoli in Florence. http://www.vivoli.it/

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On Gore Vidal, 1925 - 2012

@melis If I had unlimited wealth I would hire Koons to make it happen.

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On London Forgot to Round Up All Its Poors

@ContainsHotLiquid Or Cholera.

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On How To Make 17th-Century Delights: Whipp’d Syllabub

I'll meet you half way and jam all those twigs into the chuck of a cordless drill.

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On How Did Your Mom Screw You Up?

@My Number Is My Address Yes! Where's the category for Friends Cool Mom That Did Coke With You?

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On Simple Answers To Silly Scientist's Questions About Fairy Circles

Fairy circles are regularly distributed rather than random or clumped because fairies have an HOA.

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