On Why Not Occupy The Schools? The Failures Of Bloomberg's School Reform Agenda

It's worth noting that civil rights groups are also big supporters of standardized testing based on the notion that it's critical to identify schools where traditionally under-served students (e.g. minority, poor, disabled students) are not being adequately served. Hence the requirement of NCLB that schools disaggregate their testing results so the needs of at-risk students don't get hidden behind averages.

It's also interesting that Goldstein promotes parents occupying traditional schools while minimizing parents who choose to have their children occupy charter schools.

Finally, the attacks on reform somehow seem to forget that the status quo is and has been for many years abominable for many of our most needy students. The reforms that challenge the status quo often provide examples of how good education can be done when those that operate the status quo either get out of the way or are prevented from getting in the way. There are no silver bullets, but I think pushing accountability to the school level is something both parents and philanthropists support. Is choice perfect: No. But I think we'd have better education if there were no district lines and every school had to enroll its students using a blind lottery system.

Posted on November 16, 2011 at 11:43 pm 0