On Miami Goes Full Cuba--They're Going to Mandate Sick Days for Workers!!!

Dog fighting rings among the over-65 set is such an underreported issue.

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On The Sad Single Ladies On The New Haven Line

@C_Webb I think maybe then you're suppose to move to Greenwich.

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On The Sad Single Ladies On The New Haven Line

“If you’re smart and witty and you go out to Greenwich, you can do well.” So that's what I've be doing wrong. Servicey!

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On What TV Character Have You Wanted to Be?

Murphy Brown always and forever.

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On What if Obama Does a Full-Reverse on Gay Marriage Today?

Well how about that.

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On Is Lady Pretty? World Rushes To Debate

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On How To Share Your Good News With Friends

These are all very solid points and I, too, need to keep #9 in mind. I wonder if there could also be an addendum, something to the effect of "being genuinely happy for the success of others is an awesome feeling. And also makes sharing your own successes a little less awkward." Wordy but also, I think, true.

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On And Remember to Tip Your Waiters Real Good Tonight, Wall Street

I qualified for health insurance today. That counts as a bonus, right?

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On Bitches Inscrutable, Genius Confirms

Funny, 'cause we're generally crying about how the weather reminds us of our regrets and bleak futures.

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On Meet the Lawyer Who Defends Everything Retrograde

Eager to take work wherever it comes, eh? I guess now that all the wrongly accused are off death row and all of civil liberties have been staunchly defended it's really hard to find a case.

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