On The Horror Of The Seventies

I'm getting tired of 1970s balloon logging nostalgia.

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On Flann O'Brien at 100

@MollyculeTheory I have a theory that Myles' newspaper column was the first blog. The Plain People of Ireland are with me on this.

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On Flann O'Brien at 100

The Best of Myles is a great collection of his newspaper columns. (I am amazed Balk didn't reference O'Brien's drinking habits in this post.)

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On 'Exile On Main Street,' In Order

"Happy": It does exactly what it says on the tin.

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On Best Movie Closing Songs, In Order

@riggssm Agreed re: Moby and the Bourne movies. One of the few closing songs of the last decade that really made an impression on me.

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On 169 Song Titles with Parentheticals (In Order of Parenthetical Charm)

"Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)" -- belongs in any Parenthetical Hall of Fame

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On Lemme Tell Ya 'Bout White Kids

Things that happen in Canada don't count.

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On Orangutans Can Mime (Which Is Not To Say They Should)

I assume you mean Harvard Square, not Cambridge Square? [Mimes "Someone is WRONG on the internet!"]

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On On Preparing For The End Times

Q#2. What can we all do to hasten the end times?

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On More Americans Finding New Ways To Be Obese


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